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"The patches are working great. Our students are working hard to improve their scores and earn them. Our school loves what we are doing with the patches and has given me a budget to reorder more patches every year." Ronnie, CA, Somerset Middle School

"Our school is a big fan of your patches. We use them for PE (stars, D, and lightning bolts), attendance (the Golden A), reading, the counselors use them, and they make a big difference. The patches really motivate the kids and make our job easier. Next Friday, I'm doing a session at our school system's back to school conference. I have it on my agenda to speak to the teachers about using patches to motivate and inspire kids." Rebecca, AL Ele. School (We sent Rebecca samples to give out at her presentation.)

"Our PTA board loved your reward patches! I'll be calling next week to place an order of 4,000+. We will use them to encourage the Honor Roll, Attendance, Character, Reading, Science, Math, Citizenship and the V patch will be a special reward given at the teacher's discretion to students whose improvement is considered a Victory." Anita, PTA Board Member, TX Ele. School (Schools often give star patches for academics, C patches for Character, Golden A for Attendance, and Happy Face patches for making the teacher happy.)

"The patches are wonderful. As incentive in our program, students can earn items for Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility, and Safety. Thank you so much for having such a great product and if there is anything we can do for you, please let me know." Yvonne, NY elementary school

“I have ALWAYS wanted my students to achieve their personal best, but MY wanting never translated into motivating them. The patches are the missing link…now THEY want to achieve. The individual practice times are off the charts and it is changing the energy of my group! Thank you again!!!!" Kara, Jr. High Music Dept., OK

"Our school used the patches last year for reward incentives and they were a big hit. We ran out twice, so we decided to buy 3,000 this time around." Christi, CA Ele. School

"The Star Patches have worked out so well for our wrestling team. We give them out for guys who take what they learn in practice and use it on the mat. A win or a loss doesn't matter to us, as long as they are learning and improving." Coach Jarrod, High School Wrestling

"My soccer team and the P.E. Teacher at my school have really enjoyed the patches. This is my third order!” Kim, elementary school

"I think Gold Star patches have helped bring out some good vocal leadership in a couple of players and my defensive players love the "D" patches." Sean, middle school coach, MA

"The patches are great to motivate my girls high school soccer team!! I use the soccer balls, D, A and lightning bolts. thank you!" Coach Patrick, MO

school motivation pictures

1 inch diameter, Iron-on, 100% embroidery, only available in multiples of 10. Our designs are copyrighted and all rights reserved. Design trademark applied for. The 3 patches with ** have metallic gold thread that really looks great. *The neon orange star is very happy.

Call 1-888-373-7745 to order or to set up an account for your School, or visit Inexpensive Motivational Student Rewards.

We offer a Positive Reinforcement Program for Schools that is inexpensive and a very effective way to improve grades, behavior, attendance, effort, achievements, attitude or anything you want your students to do.

You can define the behavior you want and our Program creates Positive Peer Pressure to help achieve your goals. We qualify as a Sole Source Provider, accept Purchase Orders, and can set up a billing account for your school. We are seeking schools who are interested in an "Every Student Can Improve" approach and we have a Special Offer for those schools that includes free samples, detailed ideas and a special price. Read the Testimonials below or see 350 Testimonials. Email us or call toll-free 1-888-373-7745.

We believe EVERY Student Can Be Motivated to Improve.

Our program allows schools to Define the Behavior they want and to accomplish that by using Positive Reinforcement and Positive Peer Pressure. Our program is VERY effective and inexpensive. Every child isn't a genius and every kid can't be the best student. But every child can improve in some way. It might be in one subject, or attitude, or effort, or attendance, or whatever is important to your school. Only rewarding the students who make the best grades can be counterproductive because that doesn't motivate the kids who know they aren't smart enough to make the best grades. But your C students CAN be motivated to become B students and your students who have behavior problems CAN be motivated to behave better. Those incremental improvements will add up to a better school.

How to Use Our Patches to Motivate EVERY Student --

There is a reason we have received over 350 Testimonials - our program works. The patches do NOT have to be ironed on to work, BUT the most effective approach is one where the school buys Pride Shirts or Spirit Shirts (a bright cotton shirt for the kids to wear on Pride Day. We don't sell the shirts - you can buy those locally). Parents iron the patches onCancel the Pride or Spirit Shirts, which the kids wear on Pride Day to show their achievements. The students will see the patches the other kids have earned and ask each other what they did to earn their patch awards, and that creates Positive Peer Pressure. To get the most positive reinforcement out of the patches, the teacher presents them at a Patch Ceremony in front of the class. At the Ceremony, use Praise, Encouragement and Self-Fulfilling Expectations - be 100% Positive at this Ceremony.

A Few Examples of How Specific Patches Can Be Used to Improve Student Behavior So You Have a Better School --

The V Patch can be used for Personal Victories (Individual Improvement) so EVERY student has the chance to be a Winner. The V Patch can be given for any type of improvement that the teacher considers important -- grades, attitude, effort, improvement in any subject, or whatever the student needs to work on to become a better student and a better person. The C Patch can be used for doing something "Cool" like being polite or helping the teacher in some way, picking up trash in the lunchroom, holding open a door for a kid who is carrying books, helping someone who is hurt on the playground, etc. The Teachers or the Motivation Committee can define what is "Cool". NOTE that the School defines what is "Cool" and rewards that behavior. The B Patch is for Bravery. Every kid wants to be Brave because heroes are brave. "Brave" is another word for Character, mental discipline and willpower, but is a much more motivating word to kids than "Character", "mental discipline" or "willpower". You can use the B Patch to define and encourage the Character traits that you want to see in your students. Bravery can be many things. It is Brave for a kid to accept a challenge from the teacher to change behavior or to try to do better. Not giving in to Negative Peer Pressure is Brave. Overcoming an obstacle is Brave. Doing your homework even when you are sick is Brave. Falling down and bouncing back up is Brave. Happy Face Patch. For doing something that makes the teacher OR the staff OR other students happy. It could be a good deed, or helping the teacher or staff, or having a great attitude, or anything that causes the teacher or the staff or other students to be happy. Your school will be a happy place if your students EARN lots of Happy Face Awards. Red A Patch for monthly or bi-monthly perfect attendance and Golden A Patch for semester perfect attendance. We sell 9 different kinds of Star Patches that can be used to motivate other behavior you desire. More ideas and details are at Program for Improving Student Grades, Behavior, Attendance, Attitude and Effort and 4-Step Plan to Successfully Motivate Students

If Your School Wants Help, We Want to Help Your School

If you are a teacher, PTO officer, or are in an executive position at a school and are interested in a program to motivate EVERY student at your school (not just the very best students, but ALL students), contact us and we will send you free samples and details of our program, and are glad to discuss it on the phone with you or the Principal or the PTO President. Many schools are our customers and we also sell to every sport. Our program has proven successful at motivating kids between the ages of 5 and 15. We have a special offer for schools who are interested. We have recently changed our School Motivation Program to emphasize the "Every Student Can Improve" approach and we want more success stories for our program. You can Email Us or call 1-888-373-7745. We can bill your school. You won't find an easier, more effective program and it is inexpensive. This approach REALLY WORKS and we are excited about it - it can make a difference.

If Your School Wants to Start an "Every Student Can Improve" Program, We Can Give You Special Pricing as Low as 30 Cents per Award.

U.S. Shipping is only $3.95 per order and if you order over $250 Priority Mail is free. We keep a million patches in stock ready-to-ship. Our patches are 100% embroidery and are our original copyrighted designs - you won't find our designs anywhere else. Our designs were created specifically to motivate kids in school and sports and our patches are manufactured for us and are only available through us.

We Can Invoice Schools and Offer Free Samples:

We will gladly set up a billing account for your school and send an invoice with the patches. Call 1-888-373-7745 to set up an account, or email us. Schools can call our toll-free number to place an order. We qualify as a Sole Source Provider and most schools can order from us without getting bids because our designs are copyrighted and no one else sells them. We have a special offer for schools who are interested. We want to help you succeed. Your success is good for you and also for us. We want to triple the number of schools using our program. If you are a teacher, PTO officer, or are in an executive position at a school and are interested in a program to motivate EVERY student at your school (not just the very best students, but ALL students), contact us and we will send you FREE samples, and are glad to discuss it on the phone with you or the Principal or the PTO President.

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Our Student Motivation Program really works.

Effective, Inexpensive Positive Reinforcement

We believe EVERY Student Can Be Motivated to Improve.

Develop Positive Peer Pressure and a Culture of Success.

Our Reward Program is loved all over the country!

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"I'm so excited to have found you. I've been paying $1 a patch, so this will save me lots of money." April

"The patches for our PTA Student Awards are working great! We have been very happy!" Anita, PTA Board, TX Ele. School

"Our school used the patches last year for reward incentives and they were a big hit. We ran out twice, so we decided to buy 3,000 this time around." Christi, CA

"The patches are good because the kids can put them on their back packs, jackets, scrapbooks or whatever they choose." Michelle, MA

"The patches are such a hit that I need to order more." Rebecca, Elementary School (they ordered 1,000 more, for a total of 2,700)

The Patch Reward System Really Works.

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